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Skyra Lima

Located at Stavrovouni, near the inter-city highway network, the facility extends over a large area and produces a comprehensive range of graded diabase stone aggregate – a strong and versatile material widely used throughout Cyprus’ building and construction industry.

With strategic reserves of raw materials estimated at adequate for over 30 years of production, the company has in recent years  - since its acquisition by Iacovou Group – invested heavily in modern equipment and made improvements to its existing crushing plants, to maximise productivity.

These acquisitions have enabled the development of a base range of products for immediate delivery, and the provision of an on-demand service for specialised requirements.

In a strategic and exciting move – and in advance of impending legislation – Skyra Lima has initiated the construction of a building and excavation material recycling plant.

This plant will receive waste from demolition and construction sites and convert it into usable material for new construction projects. This is a further example of the company’s commitment to a sustainable environmental policy.